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The HOTH is an SEO & content marketing company based in St. Petersburg, FL. HOTH’s tools have helped power some of the largest SEO agencies in the world.

HOTH SEO are releasing deals that never done before. For the entire month of June, enjoy the following discounts and deals:

Deal #1 – 50% Off HOTH X + $250 setup fee waived

HOTH X is fully managed solution that combines HOTH’s expertise, a powerful SEO strategy, awesome white hat link building, and premium content all in one.

For this month only, HOTH are giving it to you at an UNPRECEDENTED 50% OFF for your first month. HOTH are also going to waive the $250 setup fee associated with this service.

Never in the history of The HOTH have released a deal like this before.

Now is the ultimate time to take your SEO strategy to the next level.

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HOTH Blogger Pro is HOTH’s highest caliber, expert-niche written blog content writing service.

For this month only, save 25% on Blogger Pro and get a free HOTH Syndication with every blog that’s purchased (no limit).

Now is the perfect time to not only get amazing content written for your site but also gain immediate exposure and backlinks with the added HOTH Syndication.

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Enjoy these deals for the entire month of June.

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Incorrect rel-alternate-hreflang tag implementation on your website

Google uses the hreflang attributes to serve the correct language or regional URL to the right users in search results. If page A links with hreflang to page B, there must be a link back from B to A as well (bi-directional linking).

When your site have implemented the rel-alternate-hreflang tag incorrectly as incorrect language and region codes, or incorrect bi-directional linking, your website will not benefit from additional language or region targeting.

Learn more about how to use hreflang for language and regional URLs.

The best SEO strategy is does not depend on Google

7 ways to get traffic and leads when google won’t send them

You can’t count on Google.
No matter how great you are as an SEO, counting on Google to send you traffic is risky business. Also, feeling entitled to free traffic from a search engine monopoly is a bad business model.
I’ve always been a proponent of the idea that the best SEO strategy is the one that doesn’t count on Google. Such strategies aren’t only more profitable; they are also the most likely to last.
Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get SEO myopia. That’s why I’ve put together seven traffic strategies that don’t rely on Google at all. While most of them will help your SEO, either directly or indirectly, that’s not the point. On the contrary, a few of the strategies mentioned here are now looked down upon as SEO techniques that will get you penalized. But that’s only if you try to abuse them, rather than use them. Remember, we are not after rankings. We’re after traffic and leads.
Use these strategies to get traffic, with or without Google.
Author: Pratik Dholakiya
More (and source): MOZ

4 ways to diversify your SEO strategy

The number one SEO strategy you need to know doesn’t have anything to do with link-building strategies, website optimization, or social marketing. Well, not directly.
We’ve seen Google make some enormous changes over the last year, and they’re not going to stop any time soon. It’s clear than any approach based on a single method is short-sighted and highly vulnerable to change. What’s the best way to guard what you’ve created, and build a better Search Engine Optimization strategy going forward?

Diversify traffic sources

Think about how much you depend on Google for traffic. What would happen if they suddenly changed something that drastically impacted that traffic? Even if your tactics are all white-hat, even if your Search Engine Optimization firm follow the rules precisely, the rules could change and your traffic could dry up in the blink of an eye.
It’s tough to think beyond Google, but it’s important and necessary to do so. Those of us who depend on Google for our living are at the mercy of their constantly changing algorithm.
Author: Christopher Bradley
More (and source): DoubleDome

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