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Join Trepup, a worldwide network, a dynamic marketplace and a secure web address for you, your stories and your products.

What is Trepup?

Trepup is a type of social media which helps people to communicate with each other for business purpose. TrePup is founded in 2014 and based in Baar (ZG) Switzerland. It is a type of market elements where networks and marketplaces interact to grow businesses. This is an excellent platform for trusted global community to share ideas, business plans and skill sets of the people to solve multitasking projects. TrePup helps small scale businesses and large scale businesses to interact with each other and discover more and more opportunities to grow businesses. Managing business transactions and focusing on formal interactions helps business owners to take initiatives and to manage business interaction with full concentrations. TrePup is established in 172 countries, 9,918 cities, 1,400 product categories and almost 1,000,000+ worldwide users.

Find new opportunities on the network

Meet the people that help grow your business, and connect, communicate and sell easily and securely across the globe.

Build your brand and broadcast your stories on Trepup

Create a business page or user profile, and enjoy unlimited free storage, robust data security, mobile-ready design and a QR code that’s unique and yours to share across the World Wide Web and beyond.

Boost your online visibility

Build your online presence on Trepboard, a go-to board for information on businesses, people and products worldwide.

Use the board to visually showcase your content on Trepup, and help customers to discover you and your products, with a quick and simple keyword search.

Increase the mobility of your content

Connect people to your latest news, stories and offers, through a simple camera scan.

Put the Quick Response or QR code, linked to your Trepup page, in promotions and ad campaigns, and on websites and blogs, to create instant mobile access to all your content.

Sell more with high ratings

Get more followers and acquire new customers, with a highly ranked page on Trepup.

Convert non-buyers into buyers and increase customer confidence, with 5-star ratings and positive customer reviews to show that others trust you and choose to buy your products and services.

Enjoy the power of email marketing

Drive brand awareness and increase sales with Trepmail, an easy-to-use four-step email marketing service on Trepup.

Set up your newsletter, design it on customizable email templates, sync followers and add contacts to your mailing list, and simply click send.

Shop quickly and confidently

Make one-click purchases, worry-free, on Trepup.

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Ezoic – Website Improvement Platform

About Ezoic

Ezoic – Improve your website’s layout with automated layout and ad position testing.

Ezoic (ee-zo-ic) was founded by Dwayne Lafleur, the former Founder & CEO of the first Facebook advertising network, Cubics. During his time at Cubics, Dwayne noticed how important, and difficult, proper design was for the success of social applications. Realizing that most websites lacked the resources to scientifically analyze, test and improve their sites, he set off to start Ezoic.

Ezoic is a venture-backed multivariate testing platform that automatically improves a site’s layout based on users’ actions – on mobile, tablet and desktop. Ezoic offer informational publishers a must-have tool that makes scientific testing effortless. They are headquartered in North County, San Diego CA, with an office in Newcastle, U.K.. Ezoic are currently testing and improving content layout on hundreds of informational publisher sites that reach tens of millions of visitors per month.

At Ezoic, we’re passionate about building a better web. We spend every moment of every day working on our platform to help individual site owners make their sites the best they can be. We view individual websites as our partners working towards our ultimate goal – the best web we can make, together.

Ezoic – Increase ad revenue 50-250%.

Ezoic – A Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Features of Ezoic

Test Ad Positions

Hand pick as many as 1,000 ad positions and styles for your site. Ezoic will find the combinations that work best for each page, device and user.

Mobile & Tablet Layouts

Ezoic don’t just test on desktop. They will automatically create tablet and mobile versions of your site and test layouts on all devices to find the best.

Layout Testing

You pick the templates to test from our extensive library – or test them all. Ezoic test them and determine which is best for user experience and traffic.

Give Ezoic a try to become a premium publisher! 80% off all Linux shared & reseller plans

About HostMantis

HostMantis ( entered the hosting industry as Plexihost ( They changed their name/brand to HostMantis in September of 2010 to position ourselves to become a major presence in the web hosting industry.

HostMantis may not be a huge corporation, but they are big on customer satisfaction. All HostMantis clients receive the high priority, personal service that they feel each and every client deserves.

HostMantis provide the best web hosting rates, features and support in the industry and promise to do so for the life of your account. To prove this to you, you can order HostMantis services, risk-free with their 30-day money back guarantee!

80% off for live HostMantis coupon, promo codes

From September 23, 2015, HostMantis offer 80% OFF for life with coupon LA80OFF with Los Angeles data center, all Linux shared/reseller plans and yearly payment.

Web hosting features (Shared & Reseller plans)

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Adult content allowed
  • cPanel
  • CloudFlare
  • CloudLinux
  • Full weekly backups
  • 99.9% uptime


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