Memcached now available on Hawkhost hosting

All of Hawkhost hosting plans now offer memcached support. Even better, it’s 100% free! For those unfamiliar, memcached is a general purpose memory caching system. It’s primary benefit is to cache your database requests and reduce (or eliminate) the need to hit your database for common queries. For a number of sites (especially those that run WordPress), inefficient queries are one of the most common causes for site slowdowns. Caching those queries and serving them from memory will show some drastic performance improvements for even your busiest sites.

An Introduction to memcached

Every MySQL query you perform takes valuable time, CPU power, and is often redundant when you’re executing the same queries over and over. The main goal when using memcached for your site/software is to improve performance as much as possible. This is accomplished by using memcached to cache your MySQL queries, which in theory should cut out the most resource intensive aspect of most PHP/MySQL based sites. Instead of querying the database directly for each request, which can be incredibly taxing, memcached will cache your most common queries and serve them from memory.

This concept is no different than using RAM on your local computer compared to accessing your hard drive. RAM (memory) is incredibly efficient for frequently accessed programs like web browsers, email clients, video games, etc. Accessing those same programs from disk every time would have a very negative and very noticeable impact on performance. Using this example you’ll begin to see why it’s so much more efficient to store those MySQL queries in memory instead of hitting your database each time.

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Enable memcached on Hawkhost hosting

Step 1. Login to your cPanel. Change cpanel theme: use the “Paper Lantern” theme to see the memcached option.

Step 2. Search for “memcached” in your cPanel. Click “Start Memcached”. That’s all you need to do!

Assuming it’s successful (it should be), you’ll be given your IP and port.

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Resource usage overview (today)

Resource usage overview

Your site has been limited within the past 24 hours.
CPU resources were limited for your site.
You have reached entry processes (number of simultaneously running php and cgi scripts, as well as cron jobs and shell sessions) limit 3 times.

Your site might hit resource limits soon.
You had 4928 I/O usage out of 5120 max I/O usage allowed

Current usage

Current usage (now)

Description Usage Limit Fault
CPU usage 11.1% 100%
I/O usage 13 5120
Entry processes 7 20 0
Number of processes 0 100 0
Physical memory usage 169.78M 2.00G 0