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The World’s #1 Source for Voice Over have the best voice over actors in the world. Sign up in seconds. Post your job for free. Access the world’s best professional voice actors.


Free job postings

You never pay to post non-union voice over jobs: whether you want to send a private invitation to auditions, or post publicly to the professional freelance marketplace.

Fast auditions

Get high-quality voice over auditions in a few hours (or even minutes). Upload your custom script and hear the amazing possibilities as your voice over copy comes to life.

100+ languages & accents

From Albanian to Zulu, and everything in between, our professional voice actors offer a world of diverse voices, in over 100 different languages, accents and dialects.

Risk-free payment

Worry-free. Risk-free. With our exclusive SurePay™ Escrow Service you only release your funds once your final files are delivered and you’ve given your seal of approval.

Voice matching algorithm

Only the best. Our proprietary VoiceMatch™ technology evaluates your project and voice actor requirements, then invites only the most qualified voice actors to audition.

Project partners

NDAs, contracts, workback schedules and more got you spinning? Our full-service account managers make each step easy with top-to-tail project management services.

Voice over projects

Digital advertising

No matter where your ads appear, our voices help them cut through the noise.

Explainer video

Connect your products and services to your customers with the right professional voice.

Elearning & corporate training

Add an engaging and interactive element to your training course by hiring the right voice.

Video games

Find voices for your characters and enhance the gamers’ experience and enjoyment.

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