Cloud Identity & Access Governance

Cloud Identity & Access Governance – The Atlassian Guide

The Atlassian Guide to Cloud Identity and Access Governance

Understand and implement a centralized cloud IAM solution.

Executive Summary

Unlike times past when on-premises software was behind a firewall and organizations worked in just a handful of centrally managed applications, today individual teams now adopt cloud tools that solve for specific business problems. Often, they’re integrating multiple applications via APIs, and spreading valuable-and sometimes sensitive-data across multiple software vendors.

This brings about the biggest challenge of modern IT: Keeping your company data secure across a growing number of applications and endpoints.

Moving your organization’s sensitive assets to the cloud requires different-and greater-control over which employees can access those cloud apps and services. This aspect of IT governance-cloud identity and access management (IAM)-is the key to overcoming the biggest challenge in digital transformation.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How the approach to cloud IAM differs from on-premises solutions;
  • The benefits to cloud IAM in terms of automation, productivity, and security;
  • How to get started with cloud IAM and build a plan for change;
  • How Atlassian cloud products work with your cloud IAM approach.

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