Nexmo – Vonage API & Cloud Communications Platform

Nexmo – APIs for SMS, Voice and Phone Verifications

Create innovative and delightful customer experiences with messaging and voice APIs from Nexmo.

Nexmo helps growing startups and agile enterprises enhance their customer experience and realize new business outcomes at scale. With our easy-to-use APIs, global platform, and expert support, you can abstract the complexity of communications and innovate faster.

What is Nexmo?

Nexmo – APIs for SMS, Voice and Phone Verifications. A set of cloud-based communication APIs designed to remove the pain of integrating with multiple carriers. Perhaps it is a message sent from a user on one of the services provided by NexMo.

Where is Nexmo based?

Nexmo headquarters is located at 217 2nd St 4th Floor, San Francisco, San Francisco. Nexmo has offices in San Francisco, , Greater London, Singapore and in 3 other locations.

What is Nexmo code?

Nexmo provides an API for sending SMS messages from a shared short code to mobile device users in the United States. Due to legal and regulatory requirements for use of US Short Codes, approval is required by Nexmo to use the API. You can apply for a shared US Short Code via the Nexmo Dashboard in the Numbers section.

What is Nexmo SMS?

Messaging Telephony. Nexmo SMS API allows developers to integrate their applications with the Nexmo SMS services, enabling their users to send and receive messages through Nexmo directly from their applications. Nexmo provides customers a way to communicate with one another domestically and internationally.

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